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Founded in 1993, the department aims to contribute to the field of archaeology. Department of Archaeology received its first graduate students in 1996 and undergraduate students in 2005. It is engaged in teaching and research activities focused on the extremely rich and diverse cultural and artistic history of Turkey, with particular emphasis on the Muğla region, historically known as Caria. Students are provided with a sound foundation on archaeology and opportunities to join archaeological field surveys and excavations. Students graduate with the title ‘archaeologist.’

Over the past few years members of the faculty have conducted archaeological field work in various parts of the country as Daskyleion (Ergili), Pedasa (Konacık), Euromos (Selimiye),  and Pteria (Kerkenes) excavations. Additionally, Thera (Ula), Idyma (Gökova), Aspat (Akyarlar), Hydai, Kedreai (Sedir Island), Mobolla (Old Muğla) Survey projects are in progress. Facilities of the department include five scientific and instructional labs. One of the most important places in University is Moulage Museum which was established in 2012 (fall semester) with contribution of Archaeology department. This Moulage Museum is the first and only one museum in Turkey.

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